Creating A Habit : Reading Books

How I started reading books

  1. My Reading was not consistent. I was reading on random days as I feel.
  2. I did not value the book because I got it free from my colleague. I won’t lose anything from not reading it.

Why creating a good habit is important.

Advantages of reading books.

1. Open One’s Mind:

  • Books help us to understand different ideas or ways of thinking. Creativity is nothing but combining different ideas in your own unique way.

2. Connecting Dots:

  • I used to avoid refactoring the code because of the fear that I will break something. I knew I was missing something, but did not know exactly what?. Then I read the book Refactoring where it mentioned to “having a test before refactoring”. That’s where it clicked me on how to properly refactor the code. I’ve experienced many examples of such instances.

3. Learning from other people mistakes:

  • I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
    - Thomas A. Edison
  • There are two ways to learn anything. First from your own mistake, and seconds from someone else mistake. I would prefer the second one.
  • If we’re trying to do something for the first time, we better ask someone who already did that. Most of the time, it will save a lot of trouble and time for us. Reading on the subject before we dive completely into it helps.

4. Writing Well:

  • Improving writing by reading is like, watch and learn.
  • Reading more will help us understand how to form a sentence, making your point, when to give an example, when it’s appropriate to make a joke, how to ask a question and how to explain the answers, what’s the part we should leave for audience’s imagination, etc.
  • Reading opens one’s mind and helps one to write down their thoughts in an organized manner.

Disadvantage of reading books.

1. Few books are good:

  • Best selling does not mean a great book. I’ve read a few of them and they were not even close to a decent book. Most of those book can be turned into 2–3 blog posts.
  • You have to be picky. The checklist I follow before reading a book is
    1. Watch 10–15 minute summary on YouTube.
    2. Check how old the book is.
    3. Read reviews.
    4. Check the index of the book.
    5. You can also check my reading list where I write short summaries.

2. Analysis paralysis :

  • Now we know 50 ways of doing one thing, sometimes we overanalyze or overthink a situation which can make our decision-making to become “paralyzed”. Earlier I used to get sucked into this a lot. As time passes I learned that we need to balance things out. This is something we learn as we go.

3. Tracking Knowledge:

  • If you are reading just for fun then you might wanna skip this. If that’s not the case then you need to preserve all the knowledge in the form of writing. Building your second brain. Our brains have a very limited memory. It keeps forgetting stuff. There are a few tools that can help. Will talk more about it in the next section.

Myths of Reading Books

1. Readers Never Makes a Mistake:

  • People assume that you are hardly going to make a mistake if you read a lot. I still do a lot of silly mistakes. Does that mean whatever I read is a waste? Definitely No.
  • You don’t run fast instantly by reading a book on “How to run fast.” Once you start practicing, you will fall and will go through a lot of pain. Those books are there to give you a good head start. Books can show you the doors. But you have to open it yourself and while doing that you make a lot of mistakes.

2. More Knowledgeable:

  • In some context it’s true. But just knowing is not enough. Most of the time we misunderstand “Knowledge” with “Understanding”. We understand something when we experience it or put it into practice.

Organize and Tracking Knowledge

1. Tracking Tools

2. Highlighting Notes

3. Short Review




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